20 Best Online Jobs to Earn $100 Per Day from Your Home

Online Jobs to earn 100 dollar per day

Do you want to earn money online while sitting at your home? well, you need to read the complete article to know about all the 20 earning ways that can actually make you earn $100 per day. Yes, it’s $100 per day if you make the right amount of effort that is needed for this such an amazing goal.

Are you tired of the daily grind and the office drama? Ready to transform your cozy couch into a money-making machine? Look no further! Welcome to Ptechnicians, your one-stop destination for discovering 20 easy and exciting online jobs that can help you earn $100 a day without ever changing out of your pajamas.

20 Best Online Jobs to Earn $100 Per Day

In this post, we’ll explore a variety of online opportunities that range from quirky blogging adventures to smartphone-powered side hustles. So, get ready to unleash your inner hustler and embark on a journey to boost your income while enjoying the flexibility of working from home. Let’s dive in!

1. Blogging

Your Thoughts + Internet Fame = $$

Imagine getting paid for sharing your wild thoughts and passions with the world. Well, with blogging, it’s not just a dream—it’s a reality. Whip up engaging posts on things you love, sprinkle in some SEO magic (without overdoing it, of course), and watch your blog blossom into a cash cow.

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2. Online Ad Clicking Jobs

A Click Towards Earnings

Yep, you read that right. There are gigs where all you do is click on ads, and ka-ching! Money lands in your virtual piggy bank. It’s not exactly yacht money, but it’s a sweet and simple way to score some extra dough. Just be sure to dodge the scammy ones and opt for legitimate platforms. We are showing you the best platforms here that are legit and can earn you a handsome income with low effort.

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3. Crypto & Bitcoin PTC Sites

Click Your Way into the Cryptoverse

Here’s the modern twist you’ve been waiting for! Crypto PTC (Paid-to-Click) sites offer the chance to earn cryptocurrencies by clicking on ads. Explore this innovative way of adding digital coins to your wallet while indulging in some crypto curiosity.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Be the Sales Guru You Never Knew You Could Be

Calling all trendsetters and influencers! Affiliate marketing lets you rock the virtual runway by promoting products you adore. Score a cut from each sale made through your unique link. Just remember, authenticity is your secret sauce—only promote stuff you’d shout about from the rooftops.

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5. Freelancing

Skills Pay the Bills

Got a killer talent you’re hiding under a digital bushel? Time to let it shine! Freelancing platforms let you strut your stuff and nab clients in need of your skills. From coding to content creation, there’s a digital stage for every superstar.

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6. Youtube

Lights, Camera, Earnings!

Turn your passion into paychecks by creating videos on YouTube. It’s not just about viral dance moves; you can teach, entertain, or unbox stuff you love. With ads and sponsorships, your channel can be the ticket to that extra Benjamin in your bank.

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7. Online Writing Jobs

Wordsmith Your Way to Wealth

If your keyboard skills are on point and puns are your love language, online writing jobs might just be your calling. Whether you’re into blogging, content creation, or whipping up snappy ad copy, clients are waiting for your word wizardry.

8. Online Captcha Typing Jobs

Decode and Earn Online

Embrace the digital puzzle-solving game! Online captcha typing jobs let you turn your knack for cracking codes into cash. Decrypt captchas, earn rewards, and add an extra layer of moolah to your wallet.

9. Make Money on Fiverr

Your Skills = Your Rules

Fiverr is your digital playground, where you can flaunt your skills and make money doing what you love. From designing logos to reading fortunes in interpretive dance, your talents set the stage. With reviews and creativity, you can make more than just a fiver.

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10. Online Transcription Jobs

Turn Chatter into Cheddar

If you’re a keyboard whiz with supersonic hearing, transcription could be your jam. Convert podcasts, interviews, and speeches into written gold. Just remember, precision is the name of the game—your “there” and “their” game better be on point!

11. Bitcoin & Crypto Trading

Trade for Profit

Step into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Buy low, sell high, and ride the waves of digital currencies to potential profits. Just remember, the market’s a rollercoaster—hold on tight!

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12. Create and Sell Stock Photos

Snapping Success

Have a keen eye for photography? Turn your lens into a money-making tool. Capture captivating images, upload them to stock photo sites, and earn royalties every time someone clicks “download.”

13. Start Dropshipping

Be Your Own Boss

E-commerce dreams? Dive into dropshipping. No inventory, no shipping headaches. You sell, suppliers ship, and you pocket the difference. It’s like having your own online store without the storage woes.

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14. Make Money by Mining Cryptocurrency

Dig for Digital Dollars

Turn your computer into a virtual goldmine. Cryptocurrency mining involves solving complex equations for rewards in digital coins. It’s tech-savvy and potentially profitable, but be ready for some serious setup.

15. Become a Virtual Assistant

Online Task Guru

Organized? Resourceful? Become a virtual assistant and lend your skills to busy professionals. From scheduling to inbox management, you’re the digital superhero they need.

16. Write and Publish an eBook

Author Your Income

Have a story to tell? Put your writing prowess to work by crafting an eBook. Self-publishing has never been easier, and royalties from sales could add up over time.

17. Manage Social Media Presence

The Power of Posting

Love scrolling through social feeds? Get paid for it! Manage social media for businesses and individuals, curating engaging content and growing their online presence.

18. Buy and Sell Websites

Digital Real Estate Tycoon

Think of websites as virtual properties. Buy undervalued sites, spruce them up, and sell them for a profit. It’s like real estate but in the digital realm.

19. Get Paid to Watch Videos Online Job

Screen Time for Cash

Turning binge-watching into bankable hours? Sign up for platforms that pay you to watch videos. It’s a leisurely way to pad your wallet with extra bucks.

20. Get Paid to Enjoy Free Online Games

Earn While You Play

Gone are the days when gaming was just a hobby. Now, you can transform your gaming prowess into a lucrative side hustle. Platforms are offering rewards for playing games, testing new releases, and sharing your gaming experiences. It’s a win-win—have a blast while building your bank balance.


There you have it, money-making mavericks! Whether you’re crafting killer blog posts or turning YouTube into your virtual stage, the online world is bursting with opportunities to fatten up your wallet. Remember, fun and authenticity are your golden tickets. So, pick your hustle, add your flair, and let those digital dollars roll in. Happy cashing!