About Me

Hi, This is Pak Technician from Pakistan. I am an Electronics Technician and I have 6 years of experience in Electronics. I am an Electronics Shop owner in Lahore, Pakistan. We deal in New LCD/LED TVs, Laptop and Desktop Computers, and also in other Electronics Equipment like Accessories, Satellite Receivers, and more. We also help other New technicians to grow their technical skills in Electronics. So let’s talk about this website.

About This Website

You are on Ptechnicians.com So guys this is not just a website, this is a platform for those who are new in Electronics, Experts, and other Repairers. Here you can find everything that helps an Electronics Technician and Repairer. Here you can find any type of Service Manual, Schematic Diagram, Circuit Diagram, and

All types of Bios Firmware files for LCD/LED TV, Laptop, Computer, Satellite Disk Receiver, Smart Phones, DVD, Router, and many more Electronics Equipment. These all the things are absolutely free of cost available on this site, you can easily download them from here.