All Akira LCD/LED TV Firmware Software Download

Hi, Are you looking for the Akira LCD/LED TV Firmware Software? If yes and you want to download the Akira TV Firmware SOftware for your Model, then we welcome you here. In this new post of, you can easily find your required Akira TV Software file and download it for free of cost. And even it is very easy to download from this website.

So guys here you will see a collection of all tested Akira LCD/LED TV Software/Firmware files, that can be easily downloaded without any registration or doing any other extra step. All 19 inches to 46 inches Akira TV Models Firmware BIN files are listed in the below table and their download links.

Akira LCD LED TV Firmware Software
Akira LCD LED TV Firmware Software

Akira LCD/LED TV Firmware Software

SRFileDownload Link
01AKIRA 32LEC05T2SDownload
02AKIRA 32LED01T2MDownload
03AKIRA 32LED02T2MDownload
04AKIRA 32LED38PDownload
05AKIRA 32LED38T2PDownload
06AKIRA 39LED01T2MDownload
07AKIRA LCT-20CH01STRDownload
08AKIRA LCT-32MT05STDownload
09AKIRA LCT-32V88MMPDownload
10AKIRA LCT-47CH19STDownload
11AKIRA LCT-D22V82STDownload
12AKIRA LED19B10HDDownload

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