Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download for All Models


Here are available all the Latest and Old versions of Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver Software. You can download all these Audisat Receiver New Software and Some Old versions of 2018 and 2019 for free of cost. We have also provided here the Audisat Loader, and Dump files for free. Everyone is able to get any file of for free of cost. So to download the Software for your Receiver scroll down and find the table that contains all the download links.

You will see a maximum of Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver New Software Versions. But if your required one file is not available on this post, then you can request it from us. We will try to upload it as soon as possible. Guys this is a great website for all technicians of Satellite Dish Receivers. Because here we share all types of Satellite Dish Receiver Software, Dump, and Flash files for free of cost download.

Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download
Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download

Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download

01Audisat A1 2Tuner V1.4.07 28022020Download
02Audisat A1 Plus 2Tuner V1.4.07 28022020Download
03Audisat A2 Twin V1.3.08 01072019Download
04Audisat A3 2Tuner 1.4.07 28022020Download
05Audisat A3 Plus 2Tuner V1.4.07 28022020Download
06Audisat A5 3Tuner V1.4.07 28022020Download
07Audisat A5 Plus 3Tuner V1.4.07 28022020Download
08Audisat C1 V1.2.87 28022020Download
09Audisat C2 V1.0.05 31032022Download
10Audisat E10 (Lot 1 - 2) V1.3.08 01072019Download
11Audisat E10 (Lot 3) Senior V1.3.08 28062019Download
12Audisat K10 Urus V2.0.77 26082021Download
13Audisat K10 Urus V2.0.78 22092021Download
14Audisat K10 Urus V2.0.80 05112021Download
15Audisat K10 Urus V2.0.81 04122021Download
16Audisat K10 Urus V2.0.86 30032022Download
17Audisat K20 Huracan V2.0.77 26082021Download
18Audisat K20 Huracan V2.0.78 22092021Download
19Audisat K20 Huracan V2.0.80 05112021Download
20Audisat K20 Huracan V2.0.81 04122021Download
21Audisat K20 Huracan V2.0.86 30032022Download
22Audisat K30 Aventador V2.0.77 26082021Download
23Audisat K30 Aventador V2.0.78 22092021Download
24Audisat K30 Aventador V2.0.80 05112021Download
25Audisat K30 Aventador V2.0.81 04122021Download
26Audisat K30 Aventador V2.0.86 30032022Download

About Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver

Audisat is a company that makes satellite dish receivers. The company is based in the United Kingdom and was founded in 2006. The company’s products are used by both consumers and businesses.

The Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver is a device that allows users to receive signals from satellites. The device is able to receive both standard and high-definition signals. The receiver also has a built-in amplifier which allows it to boost weak signals.

Audisat Satellite Dish Receiver Specification

Audisat’s satellite dish receiver is one of the most popular on the market and offers a lot of features and benefits. With its high-quality construction and easy installation, it’s no wonder why so many people choose Audisat!

The receiver is compatible with both C and Ku band signals, so you can receive channels from all over the world. It also has a built-in Diseqc 2.0 switch, which allows you to use up to 4 satellites at once. The switch is also fully motorized, so you can easily change your satellite configuration without having to physically move the dish.

The receiver also comes with remote control, so you can change channels and settings from the comfort of your couch. It has an HDMI output for connecting to your TV, and it even comes with a SCART adapter for older TVs.

Best of all, the Audisat receiver is very affordable, making it a great choice for budget-minded shoppers. So if you’re looking for a great satellite dish receiver that won’t break the bank, Audisat is definitely worth checking out!


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