BN41-01549 Software Free Download

Hi Guys How are you? So today in this new post we will show you the BN41-01549 Software/Firmware file for free of cost. It maybe a eMMC, NAND or an SPI Flash file. So you can use it to your TV according to your need. The BN41-01549 Main Board comes in various Samsung TV models every of them is mentioned below in the list. So if your model is also available in the below list and your Board is BN41-01549, then you can use this software on your TV.

BN41-01549 Software Free Download
BN41-01549 Software Free Download

Chassis Name: X4-LED-LARGE

Chassis Codes: BN41-01549A

Models Used: UE32C5100, UE40C5100, UE32C4000

Software Type: SPI Flash

BN41-01549 Software/Firmware Download

Click On The Below Button To Download the BN41-01549 SPI Flash Firmware File:

UE32C4000 SPI FlashDownload
UE32C5100 SPI FlashDownload
UE40C5100 SPI FlashDownload

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