BN41-01587 Software Free Download

Welcome back to the new post of so in today’s post you can get the BN41-01587 Software/Firmware file for free of cost. The download link is available below, you just need to click it once to download it. The BN41-01587 TV board comes in many TV models so if it is also available on your Samsung TV model and your model is available in the list below then you use this software for your TV.

BN41-01587 Software Free Download
BN41-01587 Software Free Download

Chassis Name: GENOA-S-UNION

Chassis Codes: BN41-01587B BN41-01587E

Models Used: UE32D6530, UE32D6500, UE40D6510, UN46D6400, UE46D6400

Software Type: eMMC Flash

BN41-01587 Software/Firmware Download

Click On The Below Button To Download the BN41-01587 eMMC Flash Firmware File:

BN41-01587B eMMC FlashDownload
BN41-01587E eMMC FlashDownload

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