Download Akira LED19B10HD Firmware Software


Hi, Guys In this post we will provide you the Akira LED19B10HD Firmware Software for free of cost. So if you want to download this Firmware Software BIN file then we welcome you to this post. We have already provided the download link below, you can click that and wait for 20 seconds and the file will start downloading automatically.

TV ModelAkira LED19B10HD
Main BoardCVMV26L-B-20
SPI FlashF40-100GCP

Download Akira LED19B10HD Firmware Software

You are about to download the Akira LED19B10HD Software/Firmware file, which is being provided by for Free of cost. So the download button is available below, if you now want to download then click the button once and the file will be downloaded once the Countdown timer will end, which is only 20 seconds long.


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