Grundig TV Service Menu Codes {LCD/LED and Smart TV}


Hi, Friends in this latest post we are going to show you here all Grundig TV Service Menu Codes. If you have a Grundig LCD, LED, or a Smart TV and you want the Service Menu Code for it then we are here to provide you. You can get all the codes from the below tables.

Actually, We use the service menu code to access the factory mode or service mode of a TV. Similarly, if you want to access the secret/service mode if your Grundig LCD/LED/Smart TV then you will need a code that you will enter using the Remote control and the menu will appear.

Before you open/access the factory menu or the service mode we would inform you that this is a very sensitive secret mode of a TV or a Smart TV. If you open it and make some changes in any settings and you face anything wrong with your TV set, we would not be responsible for any kind of issue you face. So, you should avoid it if you are a beginner or a non-technical person.

Grundig TV Service Menu Codes
Grundig TV Service Menu Codes

Grundig TV Service Menu Codes

Here we have shown more than 5 ways to access the service mode of your Grundig Smart TV or an LCD/LED TV. SO you can use any of them or try one by one.

Method 1

1: Put your Grundig TV on the Standby Mode

2: Press and hold the Power Button on the TV keypad and at the same time press and hold the i button on the remote

Method 2

1: Press and hold the i Button the Remote Control

2: Now enter the code in sequence: 8,5,0,0

Method 3

1: First, press the button on the remote: “i”

2: Now press ‘OK’ – ‘SERVICE’ – ‘OK’

Method 4

1: Put the Grundig TV to the Standby

2: And Press & hold P/C button on remote and at the same time Power button on the TV keypad

Method 5

1: Turn the TV off if it is On

2: Press the Menu button and Power button on the TV keypad at the same time for a few seconds

If any of the above methods, if not working please inform us via the comment section.

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