Hanistar Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download for All Models

Hi, So Guys here in this post we will share the Hanistar Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download for free of cost. Do you want this to download to your computer or mobile phone? If yes then you can do it easily with just a click. Here are available all the Latest and Old versions of Hanistar Software. We always tried to provide you with the latest and tested Satellite Dish Receiver Software files for free download on this website

Hanistar Satellite Dish Receiver Software Download

01HANISTAR A10 15092021Download
02HANISTAR A10 V1.09.2433 26112021Download
03HANISTAR A10 V1.09.3400 07042022Download
04HANISTAR A10 V1.10.1793 06092021Download
05HANISTAR A10 V1.10.F-0125 01032022Download
06HANISTAR A11 15092021Download
07HANISTAR A11 V1.09.3400 07042022Download
08HANISTAR A11 V1.10.1793 06092021Download
09HANISTAR A11 V1.10.2347 12112021Download
10HANISTAR A11 V1.10.F-0125 01032022Download
11HANISTAR A50 V1.09.2177 22102021Download
12HANISTAR A50 V1.09.2433 26112021Download
13HANISTAR A50 V1.09.3400 07042022Download
14HANISTAR A50 V1.10.2347 12112021Download
15HANISTAR A50 V1.10.F-0125 01032022Download
16HANISTAR HS-190 CA 16072019 Channel ListDownload
17HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA 16072019 Channel ListDownload
18HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA 24052020Download
19HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA F-0125 FlashDownload
20HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA V3.77(21451) 25022020Download
21HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA V3.8221671 09052020Download
22HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA V3.86(21910) 19062020Download
23HANISTAR HS-9 PLUS FTA V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
24HANISTAR HS-X10 16072019 Channel ListDownload
25HANISTAR HS-X10 24052020Download
26HANISTAR HS-X10 F-0125 FlashDownload
27HANISTAR HS-X10 V3.77(21451) 25022020Download
28HANISTAR HS-X10 V3.82(21671) 09052020Download
29HANISTAR HS-X10 V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
30HANISTAR HS-X10 V4.0222577 17032021Download
31HANISTAR HS-X10 V4.21(F-0125) 24112021Download
32HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI 16072019 Channel ListDownload
33HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI 24052020Download
34HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI F-0125 FlashDownload
35HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI V3.77(21451) 25022020Download
36HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI V3.82(21671) 09052020Download
37HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI V3.86(21910) 19062020Download
38HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
39HANISTAR HS-X8 MINI V4.0222577 17032021Download
40HANISTAR X10 V3.77(21451) 25022020Download
41HANISTAR X10 V3.86(21910) 19062020Download
42HANISTAR X10 V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
43HANISTAR X10 V4.0222577 17032021Download
44HANISTAR X10 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
45HANISTAR X10 PLUS F-0125 FlashDownload
46HANISTAR X10 PLUS V3.89(22107) 20102020Download
47HANISTAR X10 PLUS V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
48HANISTAR X10 PLUS V4.0222577 17032021Download
49HANISTAR X10 PLUS V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
50HANISTAR X100 16072019 Channel ListDownload
51HANISTAR X100 F-0125 FlashDownload
52HANISTAR X100 V3.77(21451) 25022020Download
53HANISTAR X100 V3.82(21671) 09052020Download
54HANISTAR X100 V3.86(21910) 19062020Download
55HANISTAR X100 V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
56HANISTAR X100 V4.02(22577) 17032021Download
57HANISTAR X100 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
58HANISTAR X100 PLUS F-0125 FlashDownload
59HANISTAR X100 PLUS V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
60HANISTAR X100 PLUS V4.02(22577) 17032021Download
61HANISTAR X100 PLUS V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
62HANISTAR X11 F-0125 FlashDownload
63HANISTAR X11 V3.9522417 13012021Download
64HANISTAR X11 V3.9622457 29012021Download
65HANISTAR X11 V4.0222577 17032021Download
66HANISTAR X11 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
67HANISTAR X20 F-0125 FlashDownload
68HANISTAR X20 V3.8221671 16042020Download
69HANISTAR X20 V3.8621910 19062020Download
70HANISTAR X20 V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
71HANISTAR X20 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
72HANISTAR X200 16072019 Channel ListDownload
73HANISTAR X200 16M V1.09.21448 24022020Download
74HANISTAR X200 16M V1.09.21861 04062020Download
75HANISTAR X200 16M V3.9222241 27102020Download
76HANISTAR X5 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
77HANISTAR X50 F-0125 FlashDownload
78HANISTAR X50 V3.9022191 09102020Download
79HANISTAR X50 V3.92(22263) 10112020Download
80HANISTAR X50 V4.0222577 17032021Download
81HANISTAR X50 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download
82HANISTAR X6 F-0125 FlashDownload
83HANISTAR X6 V3.9522417 13012021Download
84HANISTAR X6 V3.9622457 29012021Download
85HANISTAR X6 V4.0222577 17032021Download
86HANISTAR X6 V4.2123317 24112021Download
87HANISTAR X90 F-0125 FlashDownload
88HANISTAR X90 V3.9622457 29012021Download
89HANISTAR X90 V4.0222577 17032021Download
90HANISTAR X90 V4.21(23317) 24112021Download

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