Hitachi TV Service Menu Codes {LCD, LED and Smart TV}

Hi, Welcome back to another newest informational post on our website In this post, you will find here all Hitachi TV Service Menu Codes. If you have a Smart or even Non-smart LED TV, LCD TV of Hitachi brand and you want to access the Service/Factory Menu then we will provide you the solution.

So guys, to access or open the Factory Mode or Service Mode you will need a code that you will enter through the remote control. And after that, the Secret Menu of Hitachi LCD/LED TV will be opened and you can modify/change any setting you want.

Before accessing the Hitachi LED TV Service menu you need to keep in mind that there you will see some sensitive settings that may interrupt your experience with your TV. So please don’t change any setting or disturb any setting that is not relevant to your needs.

Hitachi TV Service Menu Codes
Hitachi TV Service Menu Codes

Hitachi TV Service Menu Codes

Here are we provided a total of 4 methods that are very useful to open/access the Service Menu of your Hitachi TV. You can try all methods one by one I hope these will work for your TV.

Method 1

1: Turn your TV to the Off Mode

2: Press Power + Input buttons on remote till 3 seconds

3: And the Service Mode should be Opened.

Method 2

1: Turn off Your TV

2: HOLD the Input button and then press and HOLD the Power button on the Remote

3: And Keep Holding them, After a few seconds TV will on and The Menu will be Displayed

Method 3

1: Turn your TV to the On Mode

2: Select CATV mode

3: Press Source on Remote

4: Enter: 3, 1, 9, 5

5: The Menu will Display

Method 4

1: First, Turn On the TV

2: Press, Menu+Menu+8+Select buttons

3: The Service Menu will be Displayed

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