How to Update Firmware on LG TV Using USB Flash Drive

Hi, Guys Welcome back to the site. You know, today in this post we will guide you on How to Update Firmware on LG TV. No matter, what’s LG TV model you have and It is smart or non-smart. This LG TV Firmware Update guide will make you an expert in updating or installing the software in any Smart and non-smart TV Model.

We will do this whole process using the USB Flash Drive. Because it is a very simple and easy way to update or install the firmware in any brand model of TVs. It is a more simple, easy, and convenient way for beginners and regular TV users.

How to Update Firmware on LG TV Using USB Flash Drive
How to Update Firmware on LG TV Using USB Flash Drive

How to Update Firmware on LG TV

Many Beginner technicians and some other users like advanced have requested us on many emails and social media. They have just requested us to provide them a proper guide on how to update firmware on LG smart tv and some requests were for non-smart TVs. So now we have decided to publish this article for all of them.

Guys, technicians can easily install the firmware in their LG TVs with no issue. But if you are a regular TV user and now you have the latest version of the TV firmware and you want to update it to your TV. Then please read this article fully and follow every single step in the sequence. Do not ignore any single steps otherwise you may damage or lose your TV.

So After reading this complete article you will be able to easily update the firmware on your TV.

This is the same method on How to upgrade the firmware on LG Smart TV or Non-smart LG TV.

How To Update Firmware On LG Smart TV

So, This is the section that will teach you about how you can How To Update Firmware On LG Smart TV using the USB Flash Drive. We have shown every step in brief, so if you want to do the complete process without facing any problem then you can follow this guide.

1. Check the Model of Your TV

  • Check a Label on Back or Side
  • Open setup to check the Model
    • Press the Home button on Remote
    • Move to the Support option
    • Select “Service/Product Info
    • Check the Model

2. Download the Software

You can download the LG TV Firmware from the official LG website. Or if you have not found the particular Firmware version for your TV then you can also search it on or search for it on Google.

  • Open and select your country
  • Click on the Support button
  • Type your TV model in the search bar
  • Press enter to find the Firmware
  • Click Drivers and Software
  • Download this File in your PC
  • Unzip the file using WinRAR

3. Update the TV Firmware

  • Take any USB and make a folder named “LG_DTV
  • Move the Firmware file to this Folder
  • Insert the USB to the USB port of the TV
  • Select Start if “TV Software Upgrade” Pop-up appears
  • TV upgrade will start and restart automatically after completed

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