How to Update USB Firmware in Universal/Chinese LCD/LED TV Boards

Hello and welcome back friends. This is the new Post on Today we will discuss a very important topic for all Beginner and new Electronics Technicians or LCD/LED TV Repairers. In this post, we will teach you on How to Update Firmware in Universal/Chinese LCD/LED TV Boards. It is going to be a very useful guide for every technician.

We will show you all the best and easy methods to update or install the firmware on your Universal or Chinese Smart or Non-smart LCD/LED TV board. This How to Update Firmware using USB Flash Drive will make you an expert in the software update/install process. usually, there are many ways to load the software firmware on your TV board but today we will only teach you about the USB update method.

How to Update USB Firmware in Universal/Chinese LCD/LED TV Boards
How to Update USB Firmware in Universal/Chinese LCD/LED TV Boards

After following the complete guide you will be able to update/install the software firmware in any Universal/Chinese Smart or Non-smart LCD/LED TV board like V29, V59 boards.

So now follow all the steps below in sequence, please do not ignore any single steps mentioned below. otherwise, you will lose or damage your TV board.

1. Software Download

In step one, you need to first download the Software for your LCD/LED TV. To do it follow the below steps.

  • Note down the model of the Motherboard
  • Download the screen datasheet and note down the resolution
  • The resolution can be 1366×768, 1920×1080 or 3840×2160
  • Now open the, type the model in the search bar, and press enter
  • If you found then well and good but if not then you can also search it online
  • After downloading the Firmware extract/Unzip it using WinRAR Software

2. How to Update Firmware

Now here comes the next step which is how to update the firmware in the particular Universal/Chinese LCD/LED TV board. We have shown all the steps below with images.

  • Take any USB Flash Drive or an SD Card and copy the Firmware file into it
  • Insert the USB Flash Drive to the USB Port of the Main Board
  • Power on the TV and press the main power button on the keypad of TV
  • The Firmware file will start loading the indicator light will blink
  • After waiting for some minutes it will be installed and the TV will restart automatically
  • if it has not, then remove the USB Flash Drive and Start the TV using Remote

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