LCD LED TV Main Board Voltage Charts Collection Download


Hi, So as you are already aware that we are going to list here a lot of LCD LED TV Main Board Voltage Charts. These Voltage Charts are very helpful for technicians and repairers who want to repair a mainboard. On these charts, you can check the right quantity of voltages for the particular board’s component or point. So below the download section provided, you can search your mainboard model in the search bar ad download the LCD/LED TV MainBoard Voltage Chart.

Troubleshooting electronic boards is less difficult if you know the core voltage and test points than it is possible to repair boards by procedures or by monitoring, testing components, and replacing incorrect additives. And if we have a complete circuit diagram or wiring diagram, it is easy to trace traces and components to their values. However, if the troubleshooting guide material is not available and you need to repair each board, it is relatively difficult to check and repair.

So Today we have shared some board voltage tables, test point or LCD LED boards, and other electronic circuit boards for voltage measurement to help beginners and students easily solve hardware errors and save time because time is money. If one technician has basic repair knowledge, then he can easily solve and repair using voltage distribution schemes.

Here is the collection of LCD-LED voltage graphs, details of terminals, or voltage test points collected by professional technicians. Special thanks go to all the masters who made it easier for beginners to solve the boards. Please check the schematic diagrams, confirm, and then follow the instructions in the following table of test points at your own risk. Below are some board voltage diagrams

LCD LED TV Main Board Voltage Charts
LCD LED TV Main Board Voltage Charts

Download LCD LED TV Main Board Voltage Charts

NOTE: We have collected all information from different sources on the internet (Specially So please use it for your own responsibility.

Below all LCD/LED TV Boards Voltage Charts or Pinouts are listed. Please search your board in the Search box and then click on the “Click Here to Download” button and follow the further instructions. After downloading, you will get a RAR file, now use WinRAR Software to extract the RAR file and get the JPG file, which is useful for you.


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