Sharp LCD/LED/CRT TV Service Menu Codes

Hello and welcome to our website, In today’s post, we will try to provide you with a collection of Sharp LCD/LED/CRT TV Service Menu Codes. It is a very important post for every technician of LCD/LED TVs. Because if you want to access the service mode in Sharp TV then you definitely need the service menu code firsts, which you will enter by the remote control and the Service mode will be opened.

Some peoples call the secret/factory menu the service menu. In this menu, you will be able to access all the advanced settings of your SHarp Television model. If you have any issues like LVDS settings, Brightness, Contrast, Power options, and others then you can do all settings in the Service Menu. But you need to do everything carefully.

Sharp LCD/LED/CRT TV Service Menu Codes
Sharp LCD/LED/CRT TV Service Menu Codes

NOTE: Please do not access this menu, if you are qualified or if you do have not enough knowledge about it. Otherwise, we will not be able to any lose.

How to Enter the Sharp TV Service Menu

All the codes are shown below. First of all, try to enter the first code if it works for you then well and good. If not then try others one by one. We also shared some Sharp LCD/LED TV Service Menu Codes by the TV Model. These are also available in the below table.

Sharp LCD/LED TV Service Menu Codes

First Press the (MENU) button on the Remote, then enters the Code (ANY OF BELOW AVAILABLE). Please note this process should be done within three seconds.

Method 1

  1. Menu + 1147
  2. Menu + 1999
  3. Menu + 3481
  4. Menu + 4725

Method 2

  1. Power off the TV
  2. Then While Pressing the (Input and VOL-) buttons, Again Plugin the Power Cable in the Main Switch
  3. When the TV will be on, you will see the message with “K” in brackets
  4. Now Turn the TV on, Then press & hold the (VOL- & CH-) down and Release
  5. After that, The Service Mode will be opened
  6. Use the (CH+ and CH-) to Navigate and (VOL+ and VOL-) buttons press to adjust
  7. To exit from the Service Menu Turn the TV Off.

Sharp CRT TV Service Menu Code

So guys if you have the SHarp CRT TV then this method will work for you. Please follow all the below instructions to open the Sharp CRT TV Service Menu/Mode or Factory Manu/Mode.

Method 1

  1. Power off and unplug the TV switch
  2. Press & Hold the (VOL- and CH+) buttons and Plugin the TV while holding the buttons
  3. Now, The TV will turn on and you will see the Service Menu on your Screen
  4. Use the (Up and Down) to Navigate and (Right and Left) buttons press to Change Settings
  5. If you have done everything and want to exit then simply power off the TV

Method 2

  1. Use remote to press the “Menu” button
  2. Now Press in Se-quince, 4, 7, 2, 5
  3. After that, the Service Menu should be opened
  4. Use the (Up and Down) to Navigate
  5. Press (Right and Left) buttons press to Change Settings
  6. Power off the TV to exit this Menu

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