StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download {All Latest Versions}

Are you looking at Google for StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download? If yes then you have reached the best website about Satellite Dish Receiver Software. On this topic, you will find StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software All New and Old Versions, Starsat 2000 hyper specification, Starsat 2000HD hyper loader free download, Receiver Price, and may more things free of cost.

StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download
StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download

StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software

So, guys, StarSat 2000HD Hyper is the best and very popular skysat company Dish Receiver. This is used in Pakistan and worldwide in other countries. Today we will share with you the StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download for free. It is a very easy task to download the software from Here are available all Starsat 2000 hyper original software in all versions.

I am sure you want the Starsat hyper 2000 latest software version for your receiver. But here are also available some old versions for free download. If you are new here and don’t know to StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software download process then we are here to explain to you. The important thing is that we are sharing these all files for free with you. So if you are facing any problem with any file downloaded from here, then you can report us for that.

Starsat 2000 Hyper Specification

Receiver ModelStarSat 2000HD Hyper
Main ChipsetALI3511
Apect Ratio4:3, 16:9
Output Resolutions480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p-50Hz, 720p-60Hz. 108i-50Hz, 1080i-60Hz, 1080p-50Hz, 1080p-60Hz Supported
Channels Supported10000 
Storing Memory100 Satellites
Multi language MenuEnglish, Russian, German, Arabic, Hungarian
Sort Functions SupportedFTA> ACS, Satellite Transponder , Alphabet
USB Software UpdateYES
Flash IC Memory8 MB

This is the best Receiver and it has very good features. It has a solution for WiFi connection, IPTV, 3G, and more great features for you. The Receiver is supported weather forecast, currency converter, stock view, YouTube, RSS, Prayer time, and other apps. It is a Full HD 1080 Dish Receiver.

Starsat 2000HD Hyper Price

The price of this Receiver is not too much if you see it good features. It will be 35 to 50 US Dollars around the world. Starsat sr-2000hd hyper price in Pakistan is 3500 PKR to 9000 PKR. Its an estimated price not fixed. But don’t worry the StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software is available here free of cost.

Starsat 2000HD Hyper Master Code

Master Code: 9876

Starsat 2000HD Hyper Loader Free Download

Here will also avail the Starsat 2000HD Hyper Loader Free Download on this post. It will be used to load the StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software. This Loader, Software is just for windows Operating system. You can run it in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. If you want this software for other platforms then you can search on Google for it, maybe you will find them. So if you want to get the loader free then you can find it in the download section below.

Starsat 2000 HD Hyper Flash

StarSat 2000 HD HYPER Flash Rom is also available here for free of cost for our visitors. It is also available in the below download section. You can scroll down and find the table where you will get anything to download into your computer or Smart Mobile Phone.

How to StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download

It is the easiest process to download the StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software. Just you need to click the download button and magically you will see the file will be saved into your Device within a minute (Depending on your Internet speed). But if our post is showing you some missing or expired links then definitely report us for this. We will be happy to solve your problem. So guys StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download and give us your feedback or if you have any opinion then we will love to hear it from you.

StarSat 2000HD Hyper Software Download

File DescriptionVersionRelease DateDownload Link
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.62(22027)23072020Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.61(21951)02072020Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.59(21675)17042020Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.58(21586)27032020Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.57(21518)11032020Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.55(21271)26122019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.54(20992)29092019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.54(20980)27092019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.53(20899)10092019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.52(20648)20062019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.50(20566)17052019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.48(20353)22022019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.47(20291)30012019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.46(20223)11012019Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.40(19771)06082018Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.43(20004)26102018Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER SoftwareV2.42(19984)13102018Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER Channel List20150303Download
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER FlashFlash RomDownload
StarSat SR-2000HD HYPER LoaderLoaderDownload

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