Thomson TV Service Menu Codes {LCD/LED and Smart TV}

Hi, Guys in this new post, you will be able to see all Thomson TV Service Menu Codes in one place. This is going to be a very useful post for you if you are a technician or you repair LCD/LED TVs. Below Service Menu Codes are available for Thomson LCD/LED or Smart LED TV.

Basically, If you want to check detailed information about your TV Set or if you want to change some settings that are not available in the simple settings menu then you need to visit the Service mode of your Thompson TV.

So to access/open this menu you will need a Thomson TV Service Mode Code that you will enter into your TV using the Remote Control.

Thomson TV Service Menu Codes
Thomson TV Service Menu Codes

Thomson TV Service Menu Codes

We have told some useful methods to access the Thomson LCD/LED or Smart TV Service Mode. You can use it one by one and you will find the exact one for your TV.

Method 1

1: Turn your TV to the Standby Mode

2: Press and Hold the VOL- and PRG- on TV Keys

3: And Keep Pressing, and your TV will be On

4: When TV will on, the Service mode will be Displayed

Method 2

1: Turn On your TV

2: Press the Power button on the remote and turn the TV to standby

3: Turn the TV Off using the Power button on the TV Keys

4: Turn On TV and at the same time Press PRG – and VOL- buttons on the TV Keys

5: The Thomson TV Service Menu will be displayed

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