Top 5 Best Mobile Apps For Electronic Technicians

Hello and welcome back to today in this post we will talk about the Top 5 Best Mobile Apps For Electronics Technicians. Guys all of these apps that we are going to suggest to you, are fully free of cost and very useful for you if you repair ELectronic Equipment like LCD/LED TV, Laptop/Computer, Mobile Phone, and all others.

Every app will have different and very unique features that will help you to learn about some electronics components and circuits. Many friends face difficulties to calculate the value of some components like Capacitor, resistor, and more. Now you can do this all work in your smart mobile phone applications. These all the apps which we will suggest, are easily available on the play store.

1. Electrical Calculations

Our first mobile phone app is Electrical Calculations. It is very useful and one of the best apps for Electronics Engineers and Technicians. This is the best app for both Electrical and Electronics Engineers and Students. You will see a lot of topics are covered in this single app like Calculation of Voltage, Current, Wire Size, and more. There are available a collection of Pinouts, COnverters, Calculations, and many more things. You can explore more in this app.

This is a free app for everyone. you just need to search it on the Play Store, install and simply start using it freely. This app also comes in the Pro version for more useful features. But the free version is best for beginners.

2. Electronics Toolkit

The second place on our list goes to the Electronics Toolkit Mobile phone app. This app also has dozens of tools that are very useful for Electronics Technicians and Engineers. This is also a good app for you if you are an Electronics Student. All the calculators and references were made for electronic engineers, students, and hobbyists.

There are a lot of unlimited tools in the single app but below some popular tools are mentioned that are offered freely by the Electronics Toolkit app.

  • Resistor color codes Calculator
  • SMD resistor codes Calculator
  • Parallel resistors Calculator
  • LED resistor calculator
  • Ohm’s law Calculator
  • Inductor color codes Calculator

and many more tools of calculators, tables, and special for circuits are available in this single mobile phone app. You can check this app on the play store.

3. Electrodoc

Electronic is another best app for you. It also has a lot of different and unique Electronics Tools than other suggested apps. You should also use this app on your phone. It will make your work more simple and fast. Because you can see Many Pinouts, Calculators, and other tools for free of cost. The Electronic also has a Pro version, you can also purchase it if you want.

4. Electronics Toolbox

Electronics Toolbox has many features that will make you happy after using this app once. This is the perfect app for hobbyists, electronic engineers, or professionals. This app is a collection of basic electronic calculators and more. You can check more on this app. It has a good rating and a good number of installs because it is very useful for every electronics engineer, student, and professional.

5. SMD Marking Codes

Guys if you repair some electronics equipment like Laptop Motherboard, LCD/LED TV, and others then you must be familiar with SMD Components. So this app will provide you with the maximum of SAMD Marking Codes for free of cost. There is a very big database of SMD COdes, SAmd Maring Codes.

6. Electronic Component Pinouts Free

The Electronic Component Pinouts Free is only for Pinouts of Electronic Components. Guys, it is also a very useful app that you must have on your mobile phone. We cant repair anything without knowing the proper knowledge of its pins. SO this app will let you know the Pinouts of some Pins like USB, VGA, and all other popular pins that are being used nowadays.

7. Resistor Color Code Calculator

This is a very useful application for old CRT TV technicians and repairs. Guys as you know the Resistor plays a very valuable role in every circuit of ELectronics. So if you don’t want to remember the resistor color code then you must have the Resistor Color Code Calculator app on your phone. It will automate your work and you will be able to work fast and more comfortably with the help of this app.

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