Vizio TV Service Menu Codes {LCD, LED, CRT, and Smart TV}

Hello and welcome to our latest post on the website. In this post, you will be able to get all Vizio TV Service Menu Codes and some useful methods to access/open the service mode of your TV Vizio LCD, LED CRT, and Smart TV.

The service mode used to change make changes in LCD/LED TVs, these are some secret changes and settings by default and some technicians open it to see some advanced TV information and FIrmware information also.

Vizio TV Service Menu Codes
Vizio TV Service Menu Codes

Vizio TV Service Menu Codes

So below all the codes and methods are provided you can try one by one and find a suitable method for your Vizio TV.

Method 1

1: Turn on the TV

2: Now Press the EXIT button on the remote for 3 seconds

3: Then Press 1, 2, 3 buttons on the remote in sequence

4: Menu will be Opened, Press Exit to Exit it

Method 2

1: Turn Off the TV

2: Press and Hold both CH+, CH- On the TV Keypad

3: Then press and release the POWER button on the TV.

4: Now Release CH+, CH- buttons

5: Then, press the Menu button on the Remote

6: The Normal Menu will open and in the bottom right corner you will see later F

7: Press and hold the Menu button a few seconds

8: You will see the Servie Mode will be opened

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