VS.T56U11.2 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

Hello, on this page you will discover the VS.T56U11.2 Universal LED TV Board Panel Resolution Matching Codes. It’s easy to collect all of the VS.T56U11.2 Resolution Codes from our website. These are the codes for matching a resolution to the panel; first, select the resolution to be matched with the Screen Panel, then use the remote control to enter the appropriate resolution matching code, and that’s it.

The VS.T56U11.2 Panel Resolution Matching Codes are listed in the table below. Please make the best possible use of them. Additional LED TV Boards Panel Resolution matching codes can be found on our website or by clicking HERE.

VS.T56U11.2 Panel Resolution Matching Codes
VS.T56U11.2 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

VS.T56U11.2 Resolution Codes

1024×768Input 31182
1280×1024Input 31183
1366×768Input 31181
1440×900Input 31184
1600×900Input 31185
1680×1050Input 31186
1920×1080Input 31187
1024×768Input 20082
1280×1024Input 20083
1366×768Input 20081
1440×900Input 20084
1600×900Input 20085
1680×1050Input 20086
1920×1080Input 20080
1024×768Source 5 20082
1280×1024Source 5 20083
1366×768Source 5 20081
1440×900Source 5 20084
1600×900Source 5 20085
1680×1050Source 5 20086
1920×1080Source 5 20080

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